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Organic Lemon Verbena in Teabags

Organic Lemon Verbena in Teabags

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20 teabags of Greek Lemon Verbena Leaves from Organic Cultivation (Aloysia Citrodora)

  • Characteristics

    Premium quality Lemon Verbena leaves with intense taste and aroma in teabags. Each teabag has 1.5 gr of Lemon Verbena leaves. Each plant is handpicked from the hillsides of Greece and dried naturally in the dark. The product is certified organic (GR BIO 01) and has no added chemicals, preservatives or flavours. Eco friendly packaging and teabags. Teabags are plant based, degradable and compostable.

  • Use

    Delicious and aromatic, can be consumed hot or cold, with sugar, honey or plain.