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Do you know Mountain Tea Stachys Iva?

Mountain Tea Stachys Iva - A rare treasure

Stachys Iva is a very rare Mountain Tea. It is indegenous only in Greece and Serbia. Our company is the only one cultivating it in Greece.

It has a very smooth and distinct aroma which makes it a herb with very high demand among experienced Mountain Tea drinkers.

Like most Mountain Teas it is used to fight flues and cold. It does not have caffeine in it and it is not toxic if you drink too much.

It is scientifically proven that the essential oil of the StachysIva tea has significant antimicrobial activity as presented in the paper: "Antimicrobial activity of the essential oils of selected Stachys species" by N. Ristic, J Lazarevic, N. Radulovic and R. Palic published in the scientific magazine Chemistry of Natural Compounds.

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